Emballage de barquettes et wrap-around

Machines d'occasion

  Machine Fabricant le Modèle
Image Traypacker A+F OYSTAR A+F Automation + Födertechnik Traypacker TFH ID 6022 Get offre
Image Tray and shrink foil packer SMI SMI SHRINKmaster 493-45-1-FT ID 6010 Get offre
Image Mohrbach lid closer M88 300 ID 5715 Get offre
Image Mohrbach tray erectors Mohrbach MKV 541 ID 5714 Get offre
Image shrink foil packer 45 ppm Baumer ID 5570 Get offre
Image Shrink packer Robopac Athena LS 8565 ID 4854 Get offre
Image Sealing machines KOPP HSG ELEKTRO ID 4689 Get offre
Image Packer of Single Cups A + F 400-2-45/E1 ID 3775 Get offre