Fimer Monoblock Fimer 12-16-1 PET/glass

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Fimer
  • Model Combifill 12R 16LD 1PFil
  • Code 17091

Offer details
  • Preis Price on request
  • All prices unbinding are ex-works and exclusive of VAT. Sales to commercial customers only.

consisting of: 
Rinser 12 grippers
Filler 16 valves
-with central filing height adjusstment
1 head screw capper
-for aluminium and PET screw caps
-with pick and place unit

Bottle formats:
-Glas bottles diam.: 69,5mm, 49,5mm, 79,5mm, 89/37mm rectangular, 86,5/51,5 rectangular
-PET-Bottles diam.: 59,5mm; 75mm; 61,5mm

Capping format:
-Aluminium PP 31,5; PP 28
-PET caps: PCO-28

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