Used machines

  Machine Manufacturer Model
Image Rinser 28 STROH ST/28 T1 ID 6035 Get offer
Image Triblock Rinser - Filler - Natural corker 24/24/4 Bertolaso ID 6019 Get offer
Image filler ID 5971 Get offer
Image Monoblock Filler-Corker 25/4 Bertolaso SYNCRONIA 25/4 ID 5935 Get offer
Image Triblock Rinser-Filler-Capper 20/20/3/3 KOSME/KRONES SRV20/6/20/3/3 ID 5903 Get offer
Image Monoblock PET Rinser-Filler-Capper 24-36-6 Fimer SRT/24-36-6/KPKPV ID 5741 Get offer
Image Filler 30 Bertolaso Olimpia 30 DP 1050 ID 5718 Get offer
Image Füller Vacu 60 Stellen Bertolaso Bertolaso ID 5672 Get offer
Image Monoblock PET filler screw capper 30 / 6er capper Bertolaso ID 5501 Get offer
Image Filler-capper PET 8000 bph Bertolaso Zalkin Bertolaso, Zalkin ID 5452 Get offer
Image Monoblock PET Filler-Capper 40-6, filling lever control Bertolaso Olimpia 40/6 ID 5449 Get offer
Image Monoblock rinser / filing / capper SBC Magic Tronic FL, 2008, 2814 ID 5337 Get offer
Image monobloc rinser filler capper AVE Monoblock ID 5193 Get offer
Image Füller Vacu 40 mit Griffkork 8 Bertolaso Bertolaso Monoblock Cobert ID 4969 Get offer
Image 18er piston filler with 6 head capper Ronchi MIZAR/P ID 4804 Get offer
Image Triblock - 16-Füller, 1-Naturkorker, 1-Schraubverschließer Fimer BTT 16-1-1-Li-b.i:E. ID 4607 Get offer
Image Vaccum Füller 60 Stellen BERTOLASO Olimpia ID 4254 Get offer
Image vacuum filler with crowner FIMER Monoblock-Triblock 12/1/1, Typ R.T.T. ID 2487 Get offer

New machine offers

  Machine Manufacturer Model
Image monoblocks 12er vacuum filler, 1er scrw caper BORELLI Monoblock, Typ CIAO RM-Line ID 1658 Get offer