ManufacturerKHS, KRONES
Year of construction2000
DetailsConsisting of:
- Format recognition
- Container transport
- Krones Linatronic, year of construction 2004, with spare parts
- Filler KHS Innofill DMG, year of construction 2000, 168 filling valves, with format parts and spare parts, blocked with crown corker 24 capping stations, rated output: 62,000 bph
- Crown cork charging system
- valve manifold and vacuum pump

Controlling S7 400

Equipment format parts for:
- 0.5l Euro
- 0.5l NRW
- 0,33l Longneck
- 0,33l Euro

Machine is still in operation and will be free in January 2022
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information on this page. Parts seen on the pictures may be not included in the line.

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