Year of construction2002
ModelRotoMAT 3A-Kombi
DetailsManufacturer: Matec
Model: RotoMAT 3A-Kombi

Load capaity: 240 kg
1st axis rotation angle: 360 degrees
Stroke 2nd axis: 2,000 mm
3rd axis rotation angle: 360 degrees
Total weight: approx. 2000 kg
Control: Siemens Simatic S7
Output: up to 250 layers / h

The palletizing is of 2002 and the pallet binder manufacturer Born, of1986, 2002 overhauled.

Applicable for:
Unloading and loading of bottle cases with clamp gripper head Stacking empty pallets
Removing empty pallets from a stack
Arrangement of several workstations at a rotation angle of 360 degrees
Unloading any layer
Loading all desired formations
Capacity approx. 10,000 bottles.

Cases / h
840 12er 1.0l
1670 6er 1.0l
840 12er 0.2l
500 20er 0.5l

Box formats:
1.0l 6er Vdf
1,0l box of 12 wine
0.5l box of 20
0.5l box of 10 Vdf
0.33l box of 10
0.33l box of 24
0.2l box of 12 Vdf
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