Year of construction1976
capacity / hour ca.: 3000
filling valves: 20
working direction: rotating turret, left-right
Details-20 Filling Valves
- for Beer, Champgane, Wine, Aplejuice with CO2, Cidrée
- Pitch 155mm
- Completly overhault by Seegräber GmbH in 3/2017

-New Plexiglas covers
-new stainless steel housing
-new stainless steel pipes
-new pneumatic
-new electrical cabinet
-with inlet/outlet photocell
-new airpressure piping for bottle lifts
-new bushes for bottle lifts
-new pneumatic valves wih glas sight in inlinet pipe

incl. format part 0,75 ltr.
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the information on this page. Parts seen on the pictures may be not included in the line.

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