Kreyer Inline Cooling and Heating Unit for Wine

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Kreyer
  • Model SR 13
  • Code 17191

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Wine Heater and Cooler
Compact system for 
 Direct cooling or heating of must at the beginning of fermentation
 Tartaric stabilization of wines
 Warming up wine from storage to bottling temperature
 Biological reduction of acids
 Regulation of fermentation temperature
 Cool storage of wine until bottling
 Suitable for sparkling wine and carbonated beverages (closed loop with no carbonation loss)
 Cooling of liquids with particles such as unfiltered juice
 Air cooling of the cellar in combination with additional equipment (thermo-fans and accessories)

The stainless steel units are ready for operation, mobile and equipped with automatic temperature regulation.

Technical data:
Cooling capacity* 41,000 W
Max. output: 45,500 W
Power consumption: 12.7 kW, 22.3 A
Pump capacity: 10,000/12,000 l/h
Connections: NW 40 DIN 11851
External dimensions: L 1050 x W 1050 x H 2083 mm
Weight: 420 kg * the specified values refer to the cooling capacity for must and wine from 30 °C to 25 °C at an ambient temperature of 20 °C. To cool 1,000 litres of wine by 1 °C/hour, approx. 1,200 W or approx. 1,000 Kcal/h are required. 1 watt = 0.86 Kcal/h.

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