Edmo Lift Pallet lifter TSLN 1000

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Edmo Lift
  • Model TSLN 1000 DE Tyskland
  • Year 2002
  • Code ID5650

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With EdmoLift leveling posts, items can effortlessly be raised to a working height of 1,100 mm. The level lift offers leg and foot clearance on three sides, ensuring smooth operation thanks to its excellent accessibility. In addition, with our 'dolly' accessory, the leveling lift becomes mobile and thus offers two extremely practical advantages: Firstly, it can be easily moved during cleaning and cleaning. Second, it can serve multiple jobs, making your investment even more worthwhile. Pallets or containers are placed with the hand pallet truck or forklift directly on the leveling lift. The TSL models have a minimum height of 70 mm, with the TSE models, this is only 10 mm. Type TSLN leveling feet are equipped with a stepless inclination function and can be tilted by 40 ° to the left or to the right. This is a considerable reduction in workload, as it opens up an 'ergonomic window' that helps avoid stretching movements and at the same time allows a good overview of the contents of the load unit. For optimum ergonomics TSL and TSLN have a T-shaped base frame. Thanks to missing foot obstacles on three sides, the operator can approach the load during loading and unloading. Choose from our wide range which, thanks to its enormous flexibility, enables an optimal solution: We offer you many different designs and models, load capacities between 1,000 and 1,500 kg and the possibility of making unique customer-specific adjustments.   product features Capacity up to 1,500 kg. Customized adjustments - on request we deliver forks tailored to your specific needs. Good accessibility from three sides. Large lifting heights - 980 mm. Complies with EN 1570-1 - has the CE mark. 24 V DC control and controls with deadman switch. Electrical system according to IP54. Overload protection. Adjustable, highly sensitive protective frame on all outer sides of the fork. Level lifts have electrical safety valves. TSL / TSE are not provided with service locks. Maintenance-free bearings. Operating instructions in 20 different languages. Capacity 1000 kg Stroke about 900 mm Min. Height approx. 70 mm Length 1245 mm Width 850 mm Lifting time13 sec Power 0.75 kW Weight (kg) gross275 kg

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