Timmer gluepump with heating

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  • Manufacturer Timmer
  • Code ID512

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Glue pump with heating

including temperature control

Drive type: pneumatic

Control type: electric 5/2 solenoid valve

Delivery rate per double stroke: approx. 33 cm³


Delivery rate at 2 Hz: approx. 4 l / min (240 l / h)

Operating pressure: 3 - 6 bar

Compressed air connection: plug nipple NW 7.2

Connection medium: hose nozzle 19 mm

Suction tube length including suction base: 420 mm

Waterproof according to IP66

Pump head: ABS

Pump base: POM

Riser pipe: stainless steel

Suction base: stainless steel

Valve balls: stainless steel

Seals liquid part: FKM

Electric voltage: 220-240V / 50/60 Hz

Electrical connection: incl. Schuko plug

Cable length: approx. 2 m

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