Krones Filling line for beer 20.000 bph

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Krones
  • Model Mecafill VK2V 066-103-KK
  • Code 17278

Offer details
  • Preis Price on request
  • All prices unbinding are ex-works and exclusive of VAT. Sales to commercial customers only.

The combi line, mainly operating with OW bottle however is not in use since 2020, ready to operate after
Krones Monobloc VK2V 066-103/KK, Year 1999, Capacity 24,000BPH.
SMI Heating Tunnel, Model LSK35t, Year 2014, Capacity 35PPM.
Kettner Crate Palletizer, Model Press Uni 1N, Year 1999, Capacity 30,000 bph.
Kettner Crate Palletizer, Model EntlPress Super, Year 1999, Capacity 30,000 bph.
Robopac Foil Stracher, Model Helix HS30 T/l, Year 2012.
ZM Jerzy Robak, Bottle rinse, Model PBSz-01-60, Year 2014.
Fischer Pasteurizer, Model 10Pl, , Year 1999.
Krones Crate Washer, Model KKW-50, Year 1995.
Krones Crate Packer, Model Linapac, Year 1999.
Krones Empty Bottle Inpsector, Model Linatronic, Year 2019.
Krones Labeller, Model 720-18-86-130, Year 1999 Capacity 28,000 bph.
Krones Bottle Washer, Model KES-1-1-190/19-80, Year 1998, Capacity 28,000 bph.
Krones Bottle Unpacker, Model LL-DEP-30K, Year 2013, Capacity 30,000 bph

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