SEEMA Semi-Automatic Crown Corker - pneumatic

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer SEEMA
  • Model SCC-1
  • Code ID4880

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The SCC-1 semi-automatic crown corker is suitable for corking glass bottles with 26 or 29mm crown corks.
The clamping unit can be used on crown caps of 26 or 29mm diameter.
If both diameters are needed, an additional clamping unit is supplied.
The crown cork closing head is made of hardened steel, and it is also resistant to wear over time.
The rail guides the crown caps in the correct position. The specific shape of the rail is built specifically for the crown caps in 304 stainless steel. It contains a small amount of crown corks that can be inserted manually.
The closing unit pulls the crown caps out of the rail and puts them into the closing cone.
On request, a funnel can be fitted to insert a larger quantity of crown caps.
In accordance with EC standards, the closing process starts with the simultaneous pressing of two buttons.
After positioning the bottle on the holder, the closing process starts, the closing unit sinks onto the bottle and closes the crown cork, automatically the closing unit returns.
Dimensions: L 0,41m H 1,96 m W 0,41 m
Weight approx. 80kg
Weight with the automatic funnel:140kg

Max diameter of the bottle 220 mm usable height max 500 mm

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