Linx Bluhm/LINX 4900 INKJET

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Linx
  • Model 4900
  • Year 2004
  • Code 17211

Offer details
  • Preis 1,800.00 EUR
  • All prices unbinding are ex-works and exclusive of VAT. Sales to commercial customers only.

- fast, reliable, non-contact ink jet printer designed to provide versatile, uninterrupted operation in factory environments.
- used to apply sell-by dates, batch codes, logos and other variable information to a wide range of substrates on the production line using ‘continuous ink jet’ printing technology. 
- printhead is attached to the rear of the printer cabinet by a flexible conduit.
- during operation, the printer is located adjacent to a production line to allow printing onto the product as it passes the printhead.
- a product sensor (such as a photocell) is normally used to detect the presence of the product and synchronize printing.
- suitable for bottles, eggs, cartons, boxes
- easy to use, settings for several products can be saved
- thickness, font, inclination, etc. of the letters or numbers can be set on the machine

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