Year of construction2011
working direction: left-right
DetailsMonoblock 20/32/4/4/1
YoM 2011
- suitable for wine, apple juice, juice drink, sparkling wine, beer
- formats: 200ml - 500ml - 750 ml- 1500ml PET - 2000ml

Capacity of filler 6.000 bph at 750ml bottles
Capacity of crowner max. 8.000 bph
Capacity of screw capper max. 8.000 bph
Capacity of natural corker max. 3.000 bph for wine corks, max. 2.500 bph for sparkling wine corks

Caps and corks:
1) crown cork 26 mm
2) screw cap 28x15mm Aluminium
3) Plastic cap for PET bottles
4) Wine cork
5) Sparkling wine cork

consisting of:

Rinser model Nova 20 nozzles
- Double injection for cleaning agent + water
- Rinsing with steam or water is possible (t=80C°)
- automatic height adjustment
- appliance “no bottle – no injection”

Pressure filler model Elettra with 32 electro-pneumatic filling valves
- for juice, sparkling wine and wine
- electric filling level regulation in the range of 80 mm
- pre-evacuation system with electro-pneumatic regulation
- bottle leading stars adjustment
- Filling tank for operating pressure of 8 bar
- Covering above filling block with suction with air filtration
- Electric adjustment of filling tank
- Product feed below
- Automatic bottle spraying without filling the following bottle(s) in respective filling valve
- pneumatic bottle lift cylinder
- CIP-dummy-bottles set for cleaning with help of steam and aseptic agent
- Model for Teleservice

Crowner Model Beta 406, 4 heads
- Crown corks with diameter 26 mm
- Inert gas injection
- Electric height adjustment
- Electro-pneumatic termination

Screw capper Model Sigma 604, 4 heads
- Inert gas injection
- Electric height adjustment
- Electro-pneumatic termination

Natural corker Supergloria 500 RS
- For sparkling wine and still wine
- Inert gas injection
- With 1 head for natural cork
- Electro-pneumatic termination
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