Year of construction2006
ModelA5000B II
DetailsDouble head winder

- Capacity:
Depending on pallet height and carriage pitch: 122 Pal / h
With 2 bracing heads with 15 windings

- Capacity:
Depending on the pallet height and sledge pitch: 95 Pal / h
With 2 heads at 25 windings

The machine type "A 5000B" is equipped with a second stretching head (pre-stretching system). The packaging system is based on the fact that the packaging is carried out with both end heads. In this case, the stretching winding process is started with a stretching head at the stacking upper edge, and the second stretching head is started at the pallet foot. Both line heads are coordinated with one another in such a way that the required total number of wraps is only executed with approx. 55% of the number of rotor revolutions of a machine in the case of a counter-rotating slider stroke. With this packaging principle the plant capacity can be reduced without additional mech. Load on the machine components can be considerably increased because each traverse head has only to perform a downward winding. At the end of the wrapping process, each traverse head moves a stop position offset by 180 ° to the start position. The packaging process for a subsequent pallet then takes place in the opposite direction of travel of the respective slide carriage.
- Cross spiral winding (optionally with one or two heads)
- Simple spiral winding (with only one active stretching head)
- wide band (with only one active stretch head)
Start up and go down a definable path
- Only head strap (with only one active stretch head)
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